Business Assets

White and Co offers a range of bespoke surveying services all of which can be tailored to fulfil a client’s particular requirements.

White and Co specialises in the valuation and disposal of business assets across all commercial sectors. Business assets typically fall within the categories of plant and equipment, machinery, stock and motor vehicles but also include other tangible assets and Intellectual property, including patents and trademarks. The firm is able to advise upon the sale of business assets and will in the first instance provide marketing advice, with a view to optimising realisations on disposal, which may include sale by means of auction, online auction, tender or private treaty disposal. Where applicable, advice will be provided on whether a sale of the business as a going concern is appropriate or whether enhanced value could be achieved on a liquidation.

In respect of disposals, the specialist team is able to provide speedy preliminary advice at the outset of the instruction and will manage the process thereafter, from inception, through to the clearance of premises and accounting on completion. Where appropriate, advice relating to both freehold and leasehold property interests is offered, as well as securing premises where necessary.

White and Co Property Advisory Limited is Regulated by RICS with all valuation advice relating to plant and equipment and business assets carried out in accordance with RICS Global Standards 2017 (the ‘’Red Book’’) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS) 2017. Where appropriate,valuation and agency advice in conformity with the provisions of SIP 19 can be provided.

White and Co also carries out the valuation of plant and equipment and business assets for inclusion within Financial Statements on the basis of Fair Value under the provisions of  International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other non-IFRS accounting standards in other jurisdictions.

All valuations are carried out by or under the direct supervision of a valuer who is a Registered Valuer under the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme.

White and Co carries out the preparation of valuations advice relating to business assets and plant and equipment comprising an estimate of the sum to be insured for reinstatement purposes.

It is paramount to ensure that business assets are adequately insured to prevent a reduced payment relating losses where the clause of average might otherwise be invoked; and also in order to avoid excess premium being paid in respect of over insured property.





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